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Bridge to Balance, LLC offers professional speaking events and psychoeducational seminars. These services are available to small businesses, corporate organizations, churches, private and public schools, and non-profits.

See below for some of our past topics that we have had an opportunity to present on, however each of our presentations is catered to your specific need and audience.

Elementary Chapel (K-5th grade) students for Covenant Christian Academy:

Introduction to Emotions, Unpacking Your Backpack of Emotions, Circle of Control & Setting Boundaries, Coping with Anger

Parent Orientation for Covenant Christian Academy:

Cultivating Emotional Wellness at Home and Building Meaningful Connections

Covenant Christian Academy Teachers and Staff Orientations:

Awareness of Mental and Emotional Health Struggles with Students; Classroom Strategies for Supporting Students with ADHD; Assisting Students with Anxiety; Conflict Resolution Among Students

Haymarket Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten Staff Orientation: 

Importance of Emotional and Mental Health in Young Children

Park Valley Church MOPS and Bridge Community Church MOPS

Fighting Fair: How to Build God’s Kingdom in the Midst of Relationship Conflict

Youth Retreat

Speak UP! Truth in Love: How to Represent the Love of Christ and Speak His Truth in Cancel Culture Situations

Park Valley Church MOPS

Imitating Christ in Marriage Conflicts; Overcoming Anxiety; God’s Plan for Your Inner Healing

Lighthouse Chiropractic

Helping Kids Make the Emotional Transition Back to School 

George Mason University Student Counseling Association

Building a Successful Private Practice

Classical Conversations Convention

The Effective Helper: Skills and Ethical Dilemmas

Park Valley Church and Covenant Christian Academy

The Scared Ground of Grief and Loss 

Park Valley Church

Lay Helping Community of Care Model

Orlando Christian Prep

Preventing Sibling Rivalry

Youth Group Winter Retreat

My Friend has Anxiety or Depression: What do I do?

Zoom Group for Life Church

Ways to Support Your Mental and Emotional Health During COVID-19

Park Valley College: Introduction to Christian Counseling, Counseling the Common Issues, and Counseling Marriage/Family/Children and Adolescents

Teaching Lay Helping and Christian Counseling Courses

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