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College Students.

The college experience can result in a significant amount of increased stress with the multitude of life’s changes that occur during this transition. Most students are on their own for the first time and may be adjusting to a new city, keeping up with schoolwork, all-night study sessions, problems with roommates, changes in relationship with girl/boyfriends, and new pressures of drinking, partying, drugs, appearance, and friends. Many times, these changes can trigger depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and mood fluctuations.

If you feel that your emotions and overall health are at a low, then counseling could benefit you. In counseling we can discuss issues to overcome past experiences, learn problem-solving and boundaries, and help you to be on a healthy path to your future vision.

If you think you would benefit from counseling, please contact for your free phone consultation with Cody Agnese, our admin assistant, will help you find the best provider for your family’s needs. Cody can be contacted by phone at 540-359-5696 or email at

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