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Christian Counseling.

Counseling from a Christian perspective means bringing into your counseling sessions the most important and useful resource you have to walk through this life, and that is your relationship with God. Each of us has been equipped with gifts from God and we are grateful He has given us the gift of counseling. It is our philosophy in counseling to humble ourselves and allow Him to guide and lead the session through us. If Christian counseling is requested, Bridge to Balance counselors will bring the relationship of Jesus into the center focus of the treatment modality. This will vary depending on your needs and your spiritual walk. Throughout it all you receive credentialed, ethical and clinically sound counseling with the Christian perspective that may consist of prayer, scripture, discussing your relationship Jesus, writing notes to God, discussing worship music that has spoken to you, discussing elements of your faith that you are struggling with, along with a variety of clinical and research validated counseling methods. Our number one goal in Christian counseling is to have you leave with a closer relationship to Jesus then what you walked in with. At Bridge to Balance, we honor the fact that you have allowed us to join you in this life and spiritual journey; therefore, we respect the differences in culture, family and faith traditions.


*While we view Christian counseling as a spiritual journey, Bridge to Balance respects our client’s religious and cultural perspectives- we welcome all those in need, regardless of religious background. *

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