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Welcome to our testimonials page! Here, you'll find heartfelt accounts from individuals who have journeyed through valleys of struggle and emerged into the light of hope and healing. Take a moment to read the stories of those who have found solace, direction, and renewal through our counseling services. Their testimonies speak volumes about the transformative impact of the work of the counselors at Bridge to Balance.

Picture of Kristi Gibney, owner

Kristi Gibney

“Just wanted to express my deep gratitude for your wise counsel over these last many months. With your help I am at peace and look forward to what God has laid out for me to do. While I still do not understand why. I am sure there is a reason and in due time I will understand. During this terrible time you are the only one I could talk to and for that I will always be thankful.  You are good at what you do and I am sure many feel as I do.”

“When I first came to see Kristi I was broken into a million pieces, like a window that had rocks thrown at it all it’s life and then shattered with one little pebble.  Kristi took me where I was at that point and continues to this day to push me to go further.  She creates a safe, non-judgmental environment that allows me to open my heart up and be vulnerable about my traumatic past.  She’s helped me fight my demons and has guided me through the journey of moving from victim to survivor. Through our time together she has helped me slowly piece myself back together and without her I wouldn’t be living, I wouldn’t be surviving; I would be… broken.”

Stephanie Justiniano

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Picture of Tori Thomason

Tori Thomason

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Amanda Hickey

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