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Adolescents in Counseling.

The adolescent years can be troublesome for teenagers but parents as well. Many times they are facing new pressures for the first time and they may not always react in the healthiest way. I believe that during adolescence it is an excellent time to learn how to cope with the various stressors in life, create healthy boundaries, and live a life of balance.

Some problems during the adolescent years are a normal part during their development, however if the problem starts to interfere with their overall daily functioning or cause strain in the relationship with the parent(s) counseling may benefit.

The following are signs to look for that your teen may benefit from counseling:

  • Changes in family life such as moving, divorce, or a death/serious illness in the family

  • The loss of a close friend or girl/boyfriend through death, a breakup or moving

  • Developing an illness or disability

  • Substance abuse or addiction

  • Bullying

  • Physical, sexual or emotional abuse

  • Dating violence

  • Teen pregnancy

  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors

  • Symptoms of depression

  • Symptoms of anxiety and/or perfectionist thoughts and behaviors

  • Violent behaviors

  • Suddenly gaining weight or losing weight

  • Issues with weight or self esteem

  • Running away from home

  • Behavior problems at school, changes in grades or attendance

  • Risky sexual behavior/sexual promiscuity

  • Frequent parent child conflicts

At Bridge to Balance, we believe that the most important person in your teenager’s life is you, therefore the first session is with the parent(s) or caregivers. This way we can better understand the difficulties you and your child are facing. Once treatment begins, parents will stay involved throughout the adolescent’s treatment to express their thoughts and feelings on how the child is progressing. Our counselors will frequently conduct family sessions to discuss important topics, facilitate communication techniques, and work through the parent-child relationship.

Teenagers many times have a difficult time coming into counseling and can be resistant. Our strategy during these times is to create a trusting and comfortable environment. We use various forms of therapy to help build a relationship with the teen including art activities, indoor and outdoor games, and using what teens know best—their favorite music lyrics, celebrities, and hobbies. Although this can be a difficult time, it can also be amazing to watch your adolescent transition into a young healthy adult!

If you think your adolescent would benefit from counseling services, please contact for your free phone consultation with Cody Agnese, our admin assistant, will help you find the best provider for your family’s needs. Cody can be contacted by phone at 540-359-5696 or email at

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