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Picture of Evangeline Zehr

Evangeline Zehr

BS Regent University Intern

Evangeline's Story

Evangeline Zehr is currently interning at Regent University while pursuing a Master’s in Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Regent University in 2018. With experience as a Residential Coach at an Eating Disorder Treatment Facility and a background in substitute teaching, Evangeline brings a compassionate and understanding approach to her work with adolescents and families. Her substitute teaching experience allows her to gain valuable insights and adaptability in educational settings. She is particularly passionate about facilitating meaningful connections and fostering healthy relationships within the family system.


Evangeline has a strong interest in family counseling, believing that the dynamics within families play a crucial role in individual well-being and growth. She is dedicated to helping families navigate challenges, improve communication, and strengthen bonds to create a supportive and harmonious environment.


In addition to her professional endeavors, Evangeline enjoys engaging in nature walks, river floating, and serving on the worship team at her church. She also pursues interests in the wedding industry as a hobby, finding joy in contributing to special moments and celebrations for couples.


Evangeline values her relationship with the Lord deeply, considering it a cornerstone of her life and work. Her faith serves as a guiding force in integrating Biblical values and beliefs into her practice, shaping her approach to therapy, mental health support, and education. She is dedicated to making a positive impact, guided by principles of faith, compassion, and cultural sensitivity.


With a strong commitment to helping individuals and families navigate challenges and build strong, meaningful connections, Evangeline is dedicated to making a lasting, positive impact in the lives of those she serves.


Evangeline can be contacted by email.

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